Travelling to France from UK with my family and while filling in the visa application form but there is a question that needs to be answered and I am not clear what to fill in:

Member State of first entry - what should be filled in here?

Flight is from UK to France (CDG) but the flight operator is KLM and it is not direct. there is a 45 min break between two flights

UK(Leeds) — Netherlands(Amsterdam) — France (Paris)

Should the answer to this question be France (Paris) or Netherlands (Amsterdam).

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The member state of first entry is the state through whose external borders you first enter the Schengen Area.

With the itinerary you describe, your first entry -- indeed your only entry into the Schengen Area -- will be the Netherlands. You will pass through immigration controls in Amsterdam, and your flight from Amsterdam to Paris is a Schengen-internal flight with no immigration control (save for whatever checks the French choose to do right now due to their ongoing state-of-emergency -- but that still doesn't count as an entry into the Schengen area).

  • Thanks for your reply. Also if one does not leave the international zone and does not go through immigration control in Holland, then the first entry will be France. I have checked with the airline and they have confirmed that immigration control will be France Apr 30, 2016 at 9:06
  • @user1226193: You won't be able to get on a plane from Amsterdam to Paris without leaving the international zone in Amsterdam -- such flights depart from gates after immigration control. I don't know how you got an airline person to tell you otherwise, but they must not have completely understood which itinerary you were asking about. Apr 30, 2016 at 9:40

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