I am spending some time in Dubai but not enough to visit the souk. I would like to purchase Gold at a reasonable rate.

Since I am not able to buy it from Gold Souk/ Local Dubai Market I am considering the duty-free Gold within the airport. Is it cheaper than the souk?

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    Do you mean jewelry, or bullion? – Henning Makholm Apr 20 '16 at 7:39
  • Voting to leave this closed since it looks like a shopping question to me. – JoErNanO Apr 20 '16 at 10:09
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    Why is this "opinion-based"? The airport has effectively a single monopoly seller, it should be quite easy to factually determine how their prices compare against prices in the souk and/or the public price of gold. – jpatokal Apr 20 '16 at 10:36
  • I have edited this to make it more quantitative and factually answerable. – Venture2099 Apr 20 '16 at 10:54

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