Do I need to re-set my wrist watch according to each country's timezone where i go during my travel? I'm mainly worrying about taking all the flights right time and reaching right time to airport. maybe it's not required , I just asked for confirmation. To give your answer you can take the example : I'm going to Amsterdam from India.

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    This is not really a constructive question. You reset your watch for your convenience, so if it's just as convenient for you not to reset the watch and still tell local time then don't – Karlson Apr 17 '12 at 20:15

Itineraries are always stated in the local time. Do whatever works for you. Most people reset their watches when the enter a new time zone, but if you can do that conversion mentally, that's your own business. If you're coming from a place in India that has an odd half-hour time zone, you should definitely reset your watch.


I do if I'm in a different timezone for more than a day or so. Otherwise I just remember the time difference.

It's up to you really.

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