My requirement is quite simple, but none of the aggregators I know about allows it.

So I need to be in Kyiv in time for work at 9am Monday, and I can leave Tallinn any time starting from 6am Sunday.

Which flight search engine would allow me to filter based on a time period within 2 days.

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There are 2 ways to achieve this, both of them are not completely automatic and are based on assumption that your time period is only 2 days.

First way is to use ITA Matrix, which allows you to choose 2-5 days for both departure and arrival:

dates selection in ITA Matrix

Unfortunately, preferred times are rather limited there, so we won't use them. Instead you can use "Time bars" view and visually filter out some flights (red lines are mine):

time bars view

However, you cannot buy a ticket at ITA website, so you will have to buy it somewhere else (e.g. other flight search website, airline website, travel agents).

Second way is to enumerate all possible combinations:

  1. Depart on Sunday, arrive on Sunday;

  2. Depart on Sunday, arrive on Monday;

  3. Depart on Monday, arrive on Monday.

That is you do 3 searches instead of 1.

Most flight search sites allow to filter out flights by time (for example, Google Flights), so you can enforce 6am departure on Sunday or 9am arrival on Monday in corresponding searches.


You mean time-based faceted search? A few of them do it.

  • On kayak.com, you can do a search from A to B. Then on the search results page, look on the left side. You can set time boundaries for your departure time / arrival time for each leg of the flight.

  • On hipmunk.com you can search, then sort by takeoff/landing time for your flights, and see at a glance when they leave/land. You can also use the slider at the top of the results to set the boundary times you require.

  • 1
    Kayak allows only time of day restriction, not time-date combination. For me arrival any time on Sunday AND Monday before 9am fits, and I can't do that on Kayak.
    – Gleb
    Apr 6, 2016 at 12:56
  • @Gleb I see what you mean. I guess you kinda can, just involves checking it twice, by moving the sliders. But it's not as perfect.
    – Mark Mayo
    Apr 6, 2016 at 13:16

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