Anyone has any experience traveling on AirEuropa, long and short distance, with guitars? What are the enforced restrictions? Can I carry it with me?


According to the Air Europa webpage on special baggage, musical instruments and other non-standard luggage are subject to restrictions. If the instrument size is less than 115 cm you can take it on-board as your one piece of hand-luggage. If the size is larger than 115cm you can either put it in the hold by paying a fee, or place it on another seat that you'll have to purchase separately.

Quoting from the linked website:

Air Europa webpage on special baggage

Of particular interest is this part:

Note (6): Musical instruments "<115 cm" can be taken on-board as conventional cabin baggage at no extra cost providing they are carried instead of the single piece of hand luggage allowed per person.

Note (7): Musical instruments "> 115 cm" should go in hold paying a supplement of € 150 or you can take it with you in cabin on a seat by paying the price of the additional space.

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