I live in the UK and work for a Big 4 consulting firm. I'm supposed to make a trip to Bangalore but I hold a Pakistani passport, so not too sure if there are still issues with Pakistanis in India.

I would really love to go, but if it turns out to be too much of a hassle (even when going back to Pakistan) I'd rather not even start on it. I'm hoping to hear from someone with first hand experience.

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No first hand experience, but I can tell you that yes, getting the Indian visa as a citizen of Pakistan will be a major hassle. The Indian High Commission in London is not very informative, but the Consulate General in Toronto has a good page that outlines the process:

Pakistani Citizen

  • Please click on the link http://www.india.org.pk/Sponsor%20Certificate.pdf for Sponsorship Certificate. The sponsor in India would have to download this Sponsorship Certificate and get it duly attested by one of the Indian authorities as mentioned in the Certificate. It should then be sent by fax/e-mail or post by the Sponsor in India to the applicant. The details contained in the Sponsorship Form will be used by the applicant to complete the online Visa Application Form.

  • Fill in online visa application form at http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/. Take a print out of the visa application, paste a photograph and put your signatures at the places marked on application at its first and the second page.

In addition, application times are quoted as 7-8 weeks by the High Commission in London, and per anecdotal evidence, visa denial rates are high.

That said, if you have a corporate sponsor and a solid reason to go, I doubt they would deny you the visa -- you will just need to start the paperwork very early.

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