I applied for a USA visitor visa last year but was refused. After that I got married to New Zealand resident. Now I am applying for New Zealand visitor visa. Can the USA's refusal affect my New Zealand visitor visa application?

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Question F4 of the New Zealand Visitor Visa application reads:

Have you, or has anyone included in this application, ever been refused a visa/permit to visit, work, study or reside in any country? [] Yes [] No

As you have been refused a US visitor visa, you must answer "Yes" to this question. (If you lie and answer "No", you'll have bigger problems.) Saying "Yes" does not mean you will be automatically refused, but you will have to explain what happened. The section below then reads:

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above give full details. This includes full details of any charges, convictions and the sentence or penalty imposed. Continue on a separate piece of paper if necessary.

This is where you will explain what happened when you applied for a US visitor visa, and why you were refused (if you know that information).

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