I've booked an airport transfer from London Victoria to Luton Airport along with my Wizz Air ticket. However I'm now confused about how do I go about getting the actual bus ticket.

Is it sufficient to show my boarding pass?

Would I get an extra email later on?

Would I get the ticket while checking-in?


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It turns out one can view their bus ticket on P-Airbus.com:

enter image description here

Enter the flight confirmation number along with the email used on Wizzair.com to reveal the E-ticket:

enter image description here

I think they're supposed to send out a notification 3 days before the flight takes place, but there's no need to wait for it. If the ticket doesn't show up on P-Airbus.com, it's possible to receive it by contacting the transfer service support at wizzair@wizztransfer.com.

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