I'll be visiting Johannesburg, South Africa in a few weeks. I want to rent a WiFi hotspot so that I can connect several devices to the Internet. I've seen that Vodacom rents these, and they can be picked up at the airport.

I will only be using this in the vicinity of Johannesburg. Is there a better choice than Vodacom?

Edited: changed Vodaphone to Vodacom.

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    BTW, there is no Vodafone (or Vodaphone) in South Africa. It is called "Vodacom".
    – Max
    Feb 19, 2016 at 22:43

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Yes, Vodafone is a good option and other than that, you can opt for Tep wireless connection. It is handheld device that act like a WiFi-hotspot and provides wireless connection anywhere in South Africa.

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