I'm staying in Valparaiso and would love to visit some of the Casablanca wineries just down Ruta 68, however I don't have a car. Several sites, such as this one, mention that this is easy to do via public transit, but don't go into any more detail.

How can I get to Casablanca via public transit? Where are the pick-up and drop-off points, what sort of schedule do they run, and what are the prices?

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Bus, Colectivo or Private Shuttle

The Ruta del Vino website says you can get to the wineries via bus, colectivo or private shuttle, from Valparaiso.


Terminal de buses de Valparaíso:
Dirección: Pedro Montt 2860, Valparaíso.

Colectivos Casablanca – Valparaíso y viceversa:
Dirección: Avenida Argentina con Pedro Montt, Valparaíso

Servicios particulares contratados en la Ruta del Vino de Casablanca:
Contacto: kvaldes@rutadelvinodecasablanca.cl


A quick search for bus departure times indicates that buses run daily every hour or so. The buses are operated by Tur Bus. The journey takes approximately half an hour and the cost at the time of writing (March 2016) is 2700$:

Tur Bus Valparaiso to Casablanca

Colectivos and Shuttles

Colectivos and private shuttles must be arranged locally. Schedules and prices are therefore unavailable online. As a rough idea Rome2Rio quotes 30-35 EUR for a taxi.

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