I'm going to be traveling to Cologne in September, partially to visit Photokina and partially for fun. I noticed a quite extensive tram network in the area, stretching from Cologne to Bonn. Is there a ticket available for tourists to allow usage for a number of days?

If not, is there a system like the public transport cards in use in the Netherlands/London so that you can take any tram/bus, or do I need to buy single tickets for every trip?

I do see the carnaval tickets available right now, but I doubt those will still be available or valid in September. But something like that is exactly what I'm looking for.


The VRS Pocket Guide (PDF) has all the info you need in a very accessible format. I've copied the fare segment here:

enter image description here

The weekly ticket (which always starts on Monday!) can be very cost effective if your travel matches it.

To figure out which type of ticket you need (1-7) you can input your trip in this journey planner: http://auskunft.kvb-koeln.de/kvb/cgi?lang=UK

It will show the required ticket for each proposed route (e.g. "Preisestuff 4"). For example, travel within Cologne requires a 1b ticket, travel between Cologne and Bonn requires a 4 ticket and travel between Cologne and Dusseldorf requires a 5 ticket.

  • Weekly tickets sound nice, but seeing how I'll arrive on a Thursday, not of much use to me. Guess I'll be getting a bunch of day tickets. Thanks.
    – Xudonax
    Feb 10 '16 at 9:20

you can get day-passes (called "TagesTicket") if you know you need to take the trains regulary on that day. They cost 8.50 for 1 person or 12.90 for 5 persons in the area of cologne, for the other variants check out their site (https://www.vrsinfo.de/tickets/preisliste.html)

  • 1
    The english link might be more helpful: vrsinfo.de/englisch/tickets-and-tariffs/short-term-tickets/… for transport within Cologne you need the 1b fare, click through the menu on the left to see the different options, including an explanation of the fare system.
    – mts
    Feb 9 '16 at 8:38
  • English or German doesn't matter much to me personally, but it might be better for the rest of the site :) The day passes / TagesTickets sound great, thanks.
    – Xudonax
    Feb 10 '16 at 9:19

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