I will have a stopover Addis Ababa, and am interested in trying tella, an Ethiopian beer. I have heard that Ethiopians typically "fast" on Fridays. Does the fast include abstention from alcohol? Is tella something I'll find in easily, or do I need to know where to find it?


The short answer is yes, but read on !

Ethiopians are predominantly Orthodox Christians or Muslims. It goes without saying you probably won't be served alcohol in a Muslim household. For those of Christian faith, they do in fact fast on Fridays but the abstention is from animal products and sex, no mention of alcohol.

That said, tella is not something you'd typically find sold commercially, it's a homemade beverage Ethiopians brew at home to serve guests. You can find those in homes, or tella bet, a sort of informal bar. This is a list of tej bet where you're likely to find tella as well, and if this article is to be believed, tella bet are usually indicated by placing a coloured rag or can on a pole in front of the house

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