I'm going to move to Australia 2 months from now and my wife has some concerns about taking a pack with 6 months worth of birth control pills. Reason why is we'll have plenty of stuff to care about in our first 6 months and not having to look for a doctor right away would be awesome.

Problem is i'm not being able to find a reliable source which tells me if she can do that.

Some websites that i've seen stated that she would be able to take her pills IF she took a translated prescription from her doctor, while others state that she won't be able to take them at all.

So, has any woman around here ever been through that ? Thanks.

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    Jan 23, 2016 at 16:39

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According to the Government of Australia's website, which would be more reliable than some blogger, you can bring a three month supply along with a English version of the prescription.


(do you think their web guru could have packed any more seo keywords in that url?)


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