I'm going to be visiting Hanoi for one day and taking an overnight train. Is there a place in downtown Hanoi where I can lock my luggage for the day? Alternatively, does the Hanoi train station have a luggage locker/bag check?


There seems to be luggage lockers at the Hanoi train station. The web has some traces on the topic, including this Tripadvisor thread, which quotes directions and costs (updated in 2013):

Hi, there are luggage lockers available at Hanoi train station. I used them today -12 hours for about $2.

They are located at the far end of the booking office and fit my large pack easily. They lock with a key but there is space to put a padlock as well (which I did).

This Virtual Tourist review has a picture of the storage lockers:

With some time to kill before our departure we FOUND and USED luggage LOCKERS that were found on the extreme left hand side of the facility. To get to them you must pass by the ticket purchasing area and keep on going to the end of the building. It’s not a large facility at all so you should have no issues finding these lockers.

Luggage Lockers at Hanoi train station
Luggage Lockers, Greggor58, fair use

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