I am a citizen of Egypt. Would I be allowed to get married in Bulgaria while visiting Bulgaria on a tourist visa? If it matters, my fiancée is Bulgarian.

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The answer is yes you can, but it does matter that your fiancee is Bulgarian.

There is a residency requirement for getting married in Bulgaria (but only one of you needs to be Bulgarian):

Marriages in Bulgaria are subject to the residency requirement. One of the parties to the marriage should be either a citizen of Bulgaria or domicile in the country.

Also, according to the Family Code in Bulgarian Law, you need to clear Articles 6 and 7 to be eligible to marry. Article 6 mentions the residency requirement and Article 7 lists the prohibitions for contracting, but none of the prohibitions specifically exclude foreigners nor is there anything in the Visa Type C conditions that forbids you from marrying while on a visit visa.



People from my country often get married in Bulgaria even though both are non Bulgarian nationals.

This website also shows that there should be no problem. Note that this also lists the documents you need to bring with you.

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