Me and my friends are planning on inter railing from the UK. They all have a British Citizen but I do not. I only have a PR and I have been a resident in the UK for 10 years. The question is do I still need a schengen visa? (BTW I think I do but want to make sure).

EDIT: I have an Indian Passport

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    Whether or not you need a Schengen depends upon what kind of passport you are travelling on and you didn't disclose this. UK residency has nothing to do with it. Close voting as 'unclear'. – Gayot Fow Dec 28 '15 at 20:01
  • Yes, you need a visa. Your status in the UK makes no difference in almost all cases, citizenship is paramount. – Relaxed Dec 29 '15 at 16:27
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    If you're a permanent resident and have been living in the UK for 10 years, you're probably eligible to naturalise as a UK citizen. You can then travel visa-free on a British passport. – Michael Hampton Dec 29 '15 at 16:44

Definitely you need a visa. Your immigration status in a non-Schengen country does not make any difference.

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