I'd like to visit Cupola del Brunelleschi in Florence but noticed that you can only buy online a 15€ ticket for the whole Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. Since I won't stay in Florence for long:

Is there a ticket to see just the Cupola and if so, can I buy it online?

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To date there's no way to purchase individual admission tickets for the Museo del Duomo monuments in Florence. The only ticket you can buy is the combined admission to all monuments in the complex. This has been the case since at least two years. Quoting from the official Florence blog:

Da oltre due anni la Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, la Cupola di Brunelleschi, il Campanile di Giotto, il Battistero, l'antica basilica di Santa Reparata e il Museo dell'Opera sono visitabili acquistando un unico biglietto del costo di 15 euro.

Tickets can be bought online here.

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