Does anyone have experience checking in at a Singapore Airlines transfer desk within Changi Airport, where the flight ticket for the second leg was separately booked using a different passport/name (dual nationality)?

Both tickets would use the same airline (Singapore Airlines), there would not be any checked baggage.

From the Changi Airport website, it appears to be possible to check in without having to exit immigration. However they also mention various cases where it is not possible (budget carrier, different carriers & bags not checked through, etc). So, just to be sure, I would like to know if others have done this before without any problems?


  • @MichaelHampton The OP there was advised to ask a different question with specifics of the airport and airlines. – lambshaanxy Dec 20 '15 at 21:54

Singapore Airlines has multiple transfer desks within the terminals that they fly to/from (Terminal 2/3), and these terminals are connected air-side.

You will not have any trouble accessing these desks, and I would not expect them to have any need to see details of your inbound flight (I used one of them about 2 weeks ago and they certainly didn't care about my inbound).

Your potential issue, depending on your nationality, is that if you would need a visa to enter Singapore you will probably need to show details of your connecting flight when you check-in for your first flight so that they know you are only connecting in Singapore. Even if you don't need a visa, they may ask for this in order to check that you have a ticket to leave Singapore at the end of your stay. The fact you are using a different passport will not cause any issues here, but the fact you are using a different name may cause some confusion.

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