I want to go from

  1. Johannesburg to Harrismith using Greyhound or similar bus company (leaving early in the morning and arriving midday),
  2. From Harrismith to Bergville using a minibus-taxi,
  3. And finally from Bergville to Cathedral Peak using a minibus-taxi / hitch-hiking arriving before the Cathedral Peak office closes (at 19h00).

Is this possible ?


From Bergville, you probably have to rely on the kindness of strangers, but from Johannesburg to Bergville should not be a problem.

One option is to take the Joburg to Durban train and get off in Ladysmith (at 2:45am). Another is to take the 8:15am Greyhound to Harrismith, which is scheduled to arrive at 11:25am. That should be early enough to get you to Bergville, but I don't know where the combis leave from in Harrismith.

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