I'm planning to travel on Jan 4th 2016 for 3 wekes and my 6 months visa will expire on Jan 8 is it fine to travel? I am from India..

  • Why do you think that the UK Border agency will allow you to stay beyond the expiry of your visa ? – DumbCoder Dec 16 '15 at 10:19
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    Some countries like USA, you can enter if you have a valid visa and stay will be decided by POE and you can stay as per your I-94.\ – Ilangovan Dec 16 '15 at 10:24
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    No, as per USA immigration rules, visa is required to entry the country and immigration officer will determine how long you can stay based on your invite/visa type – Ilangovan Dec 16 '15 at 11:57
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    that is there but visa is for only entry for USA and immigration office will decide about your stay – Ilangovan Dec 16 '15 at 12:40
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    @DumbCoder US visa validity dates are the dates which you may enter the country. You can remain in the country for the duration on your immigration stamp, even if it is past the expiration date of the visa. Singapore visas also work this way. But it's not very common. – Michael Hampton Dec 16 '15 at 13:53

Your last day of stay in UK must not be later then the expiration date of your visa. You will need a new visa if you want to stay more than 4 days, considering travel and visa expiration dates. More detailed info can be found on the UK government website.

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    You might want to quote the relevant content from the link. Links are prone to 404-oblivion. – JoErNanO Dec 16 '15 at 13:58

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