I have no landline and have a Bell account for my cell. I live in Canada and am expecting a call from a friend in Australia. Will I be charged to receive the call from Australia on my cell on my free wknds?

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It depends on the terms of your cellphone plan of course, but all plans I know of in Canada basically work the same way when it comes to your situation: You will pay for the airtime minutes (same as you would pay for a local incoming call at the same time / day - which may be zero depending on your plan and the time / day, e.g. your weekend situation), and your friend in Australia would pay the regular long distance fee to Canada (same fee that would apply if your friend would call a Canadian landline). But if in doubt call *611 (free call) for Bell customer service and ask them.

  • I just called them and they confirmed what you said. Nov 2017 Nov 14 '17 at 22:17

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