Is it comfortable to get from Barcelona to Pyrenees (La Molina) for one day skiing trip in January? By train / bus / car / blablacar? I mean train would be probably the best but is there any? In January roads can be not in the best condition so rented car is rather last option. I will not have my own skiis on the trip (I'll rent them on the spot).

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La Molina's own website says that there are train and bus options.

The bus is provided by Sagalés and runs once daily, departing Barcelona at 06:30 and (if I understand correctly) departing La Molina at 16:00. I'm not sure how much time that would give you on the slopes. Note that it is dependent on there being enough interest on a given day.

The train is Renfe Rodalies (middle-distance), and would probably allow you more time on the slopes because the first departure from Barcelona is at 06:08 and the last departure from La Molina is at 19:24. What isn't clear is how to purchase the package which includes the train ticket and the ski pass; perhaps it's best done in person on the previous day.

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  • Just to confirm with experience: I live in Barcelona and I have gone skying in La Molina - a few decades ago-, at least once by train, and it is perfectly doable. By car it's even easier.
    – Pere
    Jul 28, 2021 at 17:20

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