Looking at the Maltese public transport page for non-personalised tickets, following on from my earlier question on Tallinja cards, I see that they offer a 12-trip card for €15.

I'm not sure if I'll need 12 trips on my upcoming trip, but I can see us getting through 6 trips each. So, sharing a single card would be good, if it's allowed, which I'm not sure it is.

Is it possible for two people to board with a single 12-trip non-personalised tallinja card, and both tap in / validate with it? (Using up 2 of the trips, of course!). Or is it impossible for multiple people to use trips from those at the same time, needing their own card if they're travelling together?


I've messaged the official Tallinja Facebook page (great customer service by the way!) and received the following reply:

enter image description here

So the answer is yes, you can do that.

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