I'd like to rent a room in Auckland for two months starting in mid-January. I have generally liked having house mates, so I'd like to look for something like that.

What websites or other sources should I use to find accommodation like that?

In Germany, I know http://wg-gesucht.de and similar things; In the UK I found a room through http://easyroommate.co.uk, but the corresponding http://easyroommate.co.nz does not give me any results at all.


Here are some resources I found via a couple secondary sources after a quick Google:

  • holidayhouses.co.nz is a holiday rental website run by TradeMe, NZ's eBay equivalent. Bring your own housemate--or maybe use nzflatmates to find one?
  • nzflatmates is a dedicated housemate-search website. You fill in a profile and match up with someone with spare room.
  • Post a Note, NZ's craigslist, has a housing and property section. You'd probably be able to find room lets/flatshares as well as entire flats on here.

There's also the ubiquitous Airbnb, which operates in NZ and provides more peace of mind than craigslist-style websites at the cost of higher fees. Like with Post a Note, here you can find either flatshares or entire homes.

  • nzflatmates does not seem to know the concept of “staying from”, not to mention “staying until” or any other non-geographical filters. – Anaphory Nov 28 '15 at 21:28

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