I normally carry an extra battery for my electronics. I am travelling in Europe.

Is it allowed to have an extra battery in a hand luggage?


Probably, but with care

Although the EU security regulations don't prohibit spare batteries, there are separate safety restrictions. IATA regulations state that:

  • Spare batteries < 100Wh are permitted in cabin baggage, but not in the hold.
  • You can only carry two spare batteries between 100-160 Wh, again only in the cabin.
  • Batteries over 160Wh are not permitted.

In all cases, each battery must either be in a separate plastic bag, or have its terminals covered to prevent a short circuit.

The British CAA guidelines for example are a little more restrictive, requiring airline approval for anything between 100-160Wh. Not sure whether any EU member states have similarly strict guidelines.

For comparison, a laptop battery is typically less than 100Wh


Yes, you can. There is the list of prohibited objects in hand luggage according to EU regulations. As batteries are not listed you can carry them without further trouble.

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    In fact, you must. Spare lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage, only cabin bags – Kate Gregory Nov 7 '15 at 18:24

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