I've heard that you can get free yellow fever vaccination in Bogota airport, I'm wondering if I can still do this in Feb. next year?

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Yes you can.

If you go on the El Dorado Airport official website, they have a health section where they detail those services.
You can get a free vaccine any day of the week between 7 and 7, including yellow fever. Just go to the Fontibon Hospital area on the second floor of the airport.
It seems you might need basic Spanish to explain what you want though.

screenshot from airport website

Whether you can still get it next February is very possible, found some old threads from 2013 where people were discussing that vaccine so it seems doubtful they would cancel that service now.

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I got this jab from the airport about 5 years ago, I know they have redeveloped El Dorado but I imagine that this service is still freely available you will just need to find in what part of the airport it is being offered. When I had it you did not need an appointment simply turn up and get jabbed!

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