Can I drive a car in Dubai with an international driving permit issued in Pakistan? Does it matter if I'm driving a rental car or a friend's car?

I hold a valid driving license from Pakistan, that license is valid for both car and motorcycle.

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If you want to rent a car, then the short answer is "Yes"! You'll be able to rent a car with an IDP from Pakistan.

Then, if you want to drive your friends' car, you need to ensure that their car insurance contract is properly covering you as a driver which is apparently not really common there.

If you have a residence permit, you'll need a UAE driving license.

Bring your IDP and your driver licence with you :)

Extract from the embassy website:

To hire any vehicle you will need to provide a passport copy, credit card and a valid driving licence from your home country, or a valid international driving licence. However, if you have been issued with a residence visa, you will need to have a valid UAE driving licence.

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