I'm travelling to Austria in December 2015 and my residence visa in Bahrain expires in April 2016. That leaves me with only 4 months validity on my visa from my date of return. This is less than the six months requisite mentioned on the website. Will i be refused a Schengen visa based on that? The Schengen site says I just need 90 days validity on my residence visa from my date of return - which I already do!

Please clarify!


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Always refer to the embassy at which you are applying. Austria does not have an embassy in Bahrain and visas for Austria are accepted at the French embassy.

This page at the Embassy of France website has a list of requirements (linked PDFs) for non-bahraini passport holders applying for a visa.

According to that PDF, your Bahrain resident permit must be valid for 6 months in order for you to apply for the visa.

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