I need to travel between Shin-Osaka and Tennoji stations in Osaka. Hyperdia recommends the Midosuji subway line but should I prefer overground lines if I have large luggage? Are there elevators to platforms in these stations or only escalators? This will be outside the rush hour.

The other options are Haruka and Kuroshio trains which I assume are easier to access.


The Osaka City Transport Station Guide to the rescue! Japanese only, but the station diagrams and their elevator icons are pretty self-explanatory. In both cases the red lines represent the Midosuji Line. Click on the 駅構内図を膨大 button in the top right corner to view expanded PDFs.

Shin-Osaka: has elevators both to platform and street level

Tennoji: also has elevators both to platform and street level (see PDF for a more legible version)

That said, if you can time it right the Haruka or Kuroshio will be faster and more comfortable (it's a single stop), but it also costs a lot more (¥870 in an unreserved seat, vs ¥220 for the subway) and runs less frequently.

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