I'm planing to fly to the US for some meetings with local alcohol distributors. I need to bring with me about 10 beer brands from China 25-30 bottles each (the last leg of my flight will be China-US).

That's a total of about 250-300 bottles.

I am willing to pay the "extra fees" on the flight, if needed, but is there a way to do that or I need to go thru the usual importing process?

Is there some way in between? Something like "exhibition use" or "samples import" that can shorten the process?

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Yes, there is a difference, as stated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau:

Personal Importation of Beverage Alcohol Products


A gift of beverage alcohol products connected with the solicitation of orders for (or the sale of) such products is considered to be for commercial use and may only be conducted by a federally licensed importer.

Therefore there's no "tax free" limit and you must do the import through a licensed importer, rather than on a regular flight.

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