I leave Toronto INT Terminal to LAX - switching terminals to Tom Bradley INT terminal then on to Sydney Australia from there.

Questions: Do I need to claim my baggage in LAX because I'm switching terminals, re-enter security and still have time to make it to my next terminal? (2hours)

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    Normally yes, as the USA doesn't offer international transit, but since you're starting in Canada you might find that you'd have pre-clearance which changes things. Hopefully someone else can confirm – Gagravarr Sep 8 '15 at 21:11

You'll almost certainly clear US customs in Canada before getting on your flight, as Toronto Pearson has a US pre-clearance facility. So assuming your flight is a single booking you won't need to recheck.

Quoting the Toronto Pearson website on the matter (emphasis mine):

For the majority of U.S. flights, guests leaving Toronto will go through U.S. Customs in Toronto, which allows you to arrive in the United States as a domestic passenger.

I once had a layover in Miami going to South America from Canada and didn't have to redo security and immigration in the US.

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