I am going to Bucharest in the middle of September, and I want to goto Constanța by train. By using the Internet, I've found there should be quite a lot of train rides going there.

However, I am used to buying all my tickets beforehand online, to make sure it doesn't get sold out. I couldn't find a similar thing for this trip.

So I guess my question is twofold:

  • Is there anyway to buy the ticket online?
  • Does it even make sense? Or can you expect it will just be available when you are there?
  • tried seat61.com?
    – Mark Mayo
    Sep 3, 2015 at 2:45

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The Man in Seat 61 says that tickets can be booked on the online website of CFR, the Romanian Railway company. Here is the official CFR wesbsite. Quoting from The Man:

How to book trains within Romania


You can book Romanian domestic train tickets online at www.cfrcalatori.ro, the Romanian Railways (CFR) website, including domestic sleeper trains. It will only book the compulsory-reservation mainline trains, not local services, but it's easy enough to use and should have no problem with non-Romanian credit cards.

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