I am planning to buy a single ticket for Doha to Cologne via munich. my flight plan is

Doha - Munich on Qatar Airways

Munich - Cologne on airberlin

Qatar Airways and airberlin have a codeshare agreement on the later flight.

I have a three and a half hour transit, which I think is enough for any immigration and other formalities. My questions are

  • Would I need to go through immigration at Munich or at Cologne ( since I'm coming on a study visa from a non-Schengen)
  • Would I remain airside at the Munich airport?
  • would I need to claim my luggage, and check-in as a new passenger or not? (I'm booking both these flights on a single ticket?)

Under normal circumstances you will

  • remain airside
  • have the baggage checked through to Cologne
  • go through immigration at Munich
  • have plenty of time left in Munich
  • go through customs at Cologne

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