Between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, a "Colectivo" service runs up and down the main highway. These are vehicles you can flag down and pay a small fee to drop you off at some later point along the road.

I'm interested in using a Colective service to get to the Xel'ha lagoon/theme park. My question is how well does this work - our experience so far has been that some attractions are right off the highway, making colectivo ideal. Some are off the highway but with a transport service (like Xcaret theme park) and some are a considerable walk off the highway, which normally wouldn't be an issue - but is proving one in August heat and humidity to those accustomed to northerly climates.

So the question is how well does using the colectivo work for visitng this attraction - especially as Xel'ha appears to be located at/off a major road junction.


The answer to this is: Fairly.

I didn't use a colectivo in the end myself - for our group and distance, a Taxi only cost 30 MXN more. The walk from the highway is real, but probably only 500m - 800m or so. There is a sidewalk on the highway overpass (if you need to get to/from that side of the road). Once over the highway there is a footpath seperated from the road to take you to the entrance.

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