I potentially might have a long layover (8:30 p.m to 7:00 a.m.) in November at CPH (Terminal 2). I would like to explore my options as to what I can do that night. If I can get a shower and places to eat/ drink at the airport, I'd like to skip getting a proper hotel and save some money. I've never been to CPH airport before, so any pointers/tips would be welcome.


Showering at CPH

The Copenhangen Airport website carries no mention of public shower facilities, except for in the page specific to the CPH Regus Business Lounge which gives you a 2h access to the lounge, access to showers and a breakfast for 250DKK. You can also buy access to the lounge at 80DKK per hour. Prices are quoted at the time of writing.

There seem to be sleeping rooms with showers in the SAS Gold Lounge, although these won't be accessible overnight since all SAS lounges close 30 minutes before the last SAS flight leaves and open 60 minutes before the first SAS flight leaves the airport.

Eating at CPH

The many restaurants at CPH are likely to be closed overnight, at roughly the same time as when the lounges are closed, although this is pure speculation since I could not find any information on opening times on the official airport website. Since you arrive at 20h30 you'll likely find them still open and active.

Sleeping at CPH

Sleeping at CPH is something that many people have done, as testified by the extensive list of reviews which can be found on the Sleeping in Airports CPH page. There are comfortable benches scattered around the terminals, some of which are conveniently located next to power plugs.

Hotels at CPH

Arguably the closest hotel is the Hilton Copenhagen Airport which probably caters mostly to passengers with overnight layovers. Room prices are likely to be quite steep, especially of all you're looking for is a shower.

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