Is there a bar at Incheon International Airport, Korea (ICN)?

I know there are 7-11s etc where you can buy a can and sit at a table, but I'm looking for a bar and some draught beer.


Heineken Bar at Incheon Airport

The Incheon Airport webpage mentions Heineken Bar, one in the East and one in the West side of the duty free area, both next to gate 4F. I don't know if they have draught beer, but the name looks promising. Below is a screenshot from the linked site:

Incheon Bar Heineken

The Jet Lagged Lizard at Incheon

A couple hundred metres outside of the airport, in Incheon, you can also find the Jet Lagged Lizard - a full blown pub with draught beer, food and all the rest. This solutions looks perfect, provided you are willing to leave the airport terminal. According to google maps, the logistics on how to get there are pretty straightforward.

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Yup, at heiniken bar now. The only beer they sell is heiniken. They sell coffee and some food items. Well, it's called heineken bar.

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