I'm an Indonesian working in Macau and am planning to go to Italy-UK-France. Because Macau doesn't have an Italian or a UK Embassy, I have to apply for Schengen and UK visas in Hong Kong.

How do I apply for the visas when I need my original passport to go back to Macau to work?

  • Are you a permanent resident of Macau? It makes a difference. Aug 18, 2015 at 5:23

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Instead of passport of original country, Macao Permanent Resident can enter HK with Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card and Visit Permit for Residents of Macao SAR to Hong Kong SAR for <30days.

The Visit Permit is valid for 7 years and holder can visit the HK on multiple occasions. Applicant should make the application in person in the Identification Services Bureau office. Applicants have to submit 1 passport photo and Macau ID card for verification. The permit cosst 100MOP and takes 5 working days.

PS1: Macauese cannot enter HK with Macau passport.

PS2: The permit is independence to the 7 days transit visa free policy in HK.

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