Iceland Air offers free stopovers in Reykjavik when flying between North America to the rest of Europe (I specifically booked a multi-city ticket with a stopover in Reykjavik). Neither on my ticket nor on their website did I see a mention of luggage collection and check in in Reykjavik. Since this is a stopover (and not a layover), I am wondering if Iceland Air stores my bag for a day (my stopover is of about 20 hours) or if I should take care of it in Reykjavik (and find some locker in the airport/in the city) while I visit the area.

So, for Iceland Air free stopover policy, is Iceland Air asking me to collect my luggage in Reykjavik airport?

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When I checked in for Icelandair, with a 10 day stopover the checking online page stated 'your stopover is longer than 24 hours, you can not check in for the second leg' which I think is an indication that up to 24 hours is norm for them.

But in case they do not want to keep your luggage, I found you a link to a luggage storage at the airport.

Information about Bílahótel Luggage Storage.
Our Luggage storage is located 500 meters from the departure side of the airport. We are behind the Airport Hotel. Same building as Geysir and Sixt Car Rentals.
The office is open from 05:00 – 17:00 (05:00-21:00 15 May – 15 Sept). The price for each bag the first week is 5 Euros per day and 1 Euro per day after that. The price for odd-size luggage the first week is 6 Euros per day and 2 Euros per day after that.

That page also has a contact us link.

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