I am an Indonesian citizen flying from Peru to Chile, with a transfer through El Alto International Airport (LPB), Bolivia.

I have looked, but I can't seem to find a straight answer as to whether or not I would need a transit visa for Bolivia, or even if such a thing exists.


While visas are usually required to enter Bolivia, there is a TWOV (Transit without visa option):

  1. TWOV is permissible for travellers continuing their trip to a third country within 24 hours on condition that they:

    • Have tickets with confirmed reservations.
    • Have all documents needed for their next trip.
    • Do not leave the airport.
  2. There is no hotel accommodation available at the airport.

  3. Citizens of People's Republic of China must have a transit visa.

Note that last requirement in particular is only for Chinese, and won't affect you.

Re there being no hotels at the airport, this is confirmed on sleepinginairports, where if you don't want to sleep in the airport - your only other option is in La Paz City, which is a 30ish min drive away.

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