I am going to Nago (Okinawa, Japan) , and I have heard about a good snorkeling spot a few hundred meters from a beach in the area, but I don't have the specific location.

Where around Nago is snorkeling possible/popular? Preferably with fish and scenery.
Preferably close to the coast as I don't have a boat. It can be a few hundred meters from the coast.

Japanese language is OK.

  • The tag says "diving" but I am only interested in snorkeling. The two share the same tag – nic Jul 30 '15 at 10:10

No personal experience, but a there is apparently a popular place for both snorkelling and easy dives, along the coast close to Nago (just south of Motobu Port) called "Gorilla Chop". It's pretty much a straight transliteration for the Japanese version, ゴリラチョップ, so locals should recognise the name if you need directions.

There is parking right beside, although this (Japanese) page says there's only room for about ten cars and it can get crowded at times.

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