In a couple of days I'll be flying with LOT airline with a transfer in Warsaw Chopin Airport. I have about 12 hours between my flights (as scheduled) - I am arriving at around 10 am and my next flight departs around 10:30 pm.

Having essentially a whole day, I'm planning to go into the city. My luggage will be checked through (I verified with the airline), so I'll only have my small backpack with me - so much easier to deal with. I don't need a visa as I'm a UK citizen. From previous experience, LOT doesn't give me the boarding pass for the second flight, so I'll need to get that in Warsaw - before going to the city, naturally.

Other than the usual "make sure to be back on time", is there anything specific I need to be aware of with my plan?

Please note that this question is not about what to do in Warsaw for a day (I already have an itinerary in mind) and not about how to get to the city and back (I did my research on that front, too).

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    Go to the loo before leaving the airport. It's annoying if you arrive in the city center and you have to start looking for a toilet ... Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 18:52

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There is a train station within walking distance of the terminal, if you're going to take the train into the city, but last time I was there it was not easy to find: the signage was not very clear, basically. If you start walking along the airport access road you've gone too far.

Other than this I think it is very simple and easy. WAW is a good airport.


If you're on a budget: 24h city transportation ticket is really cheaper than buy short-tern tickets each time. Check foursquare, soup can be found in ~5zl, quite good lunch in 15zl

if not on budget - city taxi must have price displayed at the door, so you'll know what you'll have to pay before you get that car.

Check weather forecast - it's almost cold there right now. (+umbrella)

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