I've recently started using the take-an-empty-water-bottle-through-security technique hoping to fill it in once I pass the security checks. I'm not a big fan of overpriced bottled water.

Are there any drinking-water fountains in Prague Vaclav Havel (PRG) airport, be it airside and/or at departures/arrivals level?

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Yes there are drinking-water fountains at PRG airport. Below is an incomplete list (feel free to edit with more information). At the time of writing (07/2015) the fountains look something like this:

PRG water fountains
Water fountain at PRG airport, JoErNanO, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Terminal 1 (all flights to non-Schengen countries)

  • 1 fountain outside the toilets, exact opposite of gate A2 (20161210)

PRG Terminal 1, opposite Gate A2, after Passport Control

Terminal 2 (all flights to Schengen countries)

  • 2 fountains outside the toilets in front of gate C3
  • 4
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Water Fountain across from Gate C3

Here is a picture of the fountain across from Gate C3.

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There is one opposite gate C12 too

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