I have dual citizenship (one by Birth) and the other is Australian. I have lived in Australia for the majority of my life and I only have 1 passport. On the ESTA website there is a question for dual citizenship. If I choose yes you must enter the passport number for the second citizenship.

Can I still obtain a visa with ESTA ?

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    No, you can't "obtain a visa with ESTA". Nobody can -- ESTA is only for visa-free travel; people who need a visa can and should not use ESTA at all. – Henning Makholm Jul 24 '15 at 0:21

From the ESTA Online Help:

What if I have dual citizenship, but my non-VWP passport is expired or I do not have a passport for that country?

If you have any additional passports, please enter the most recent passport information, even if that passport is expired. If you are a dual citizen but do not have a passport from another country, select the country from the drop down list and do not enter anything in the Passport Number field.

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