I'll be staying in Istanbul for three days. Is there any Pass that grants access to most places worth visiting and, perhaps, public transport?

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Yes there is!

Witt Hotels has some excellent information on Istanbul, which I have personally used and recommend reading. I have not used the Istanbul tourist pass or Museum pass myself as I did not deem it worthwhile for myself and based on the 'attractions' I wanted to see.

To clarify, there are two passes, an Istanbul Museum Card and an Istanbul Tourist Pass

The tourist passes have options to add public transport.

Essential Pass

Adult $75.00 USD, Child (Age 2-12) $35.00 USD

Flexible Pass

Adult $200.00 USD, Child (Age 2-12) $140.00 USD

Updated with recommendation:

Get the 3 day Museum Pass for 85TL and Istanbul Kart to get around. Its cheaper and the additional "attractions" on the tourist pass are quite tourist oriented and may be marked up a bit. You can definitely get cheaper local alternatives for the cruise/ferry etc.


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