We will spend a couple of days in the Tokyo area and it would be really fun to visit a microbrewery there. So I am looking for microbreweries in the area or places that serve their products.

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(photo by dklimke)

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I just happened to stumble over an article in Time Out last year about the Craft Beer scene in Tokyo - managed to find it again with some creative Googling: Time Out Tokyo: Craft Beer In Tokyo. One of the articles at the bottom of the page lists Tokyo's best craft beer bars. From a quick skim, it seems most are bars that serve craft beer, not clear if there's much in the way of actual breweries you can tour or microbrewpubs.


Ryujin Shuzo Brewery (or Ginko Kura Brewery) from Tatebayashi, Gunnma Prefecture, is about 80 km far from the capital Tokyo. Oze no Yukidoke IPA (that I tasted) seems to be their most popular beer but they also brew two kinds of sake (source).

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