Is there a search engine to find regular service flights between cities ? Given two cities, airline optional, I'd like to see a list of flight numbers and their departure/arrival times.
Unlike regular searches, I'm not interested in prices/purchasing and I'd like to see all flights available even if the earliest departure has already past.

Context: A friend is flying into town today from Calgary, but I don't know when. I happen to know it's Air Canada so I found the routes and flight numbers on their website, but assuming I didn't, where would I find this information (besides asking her for the flight number obviously :) ?

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    The airports' websites usually have an arrival board, usually going back a few hours.
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    Commented Jul 16, 2015 at 16:06
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    Be sure to GO HERE for two awesome answers
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Flight track website such as flightradar24 and flightaware provide this information.

Both website provides the aircraft model used for each flights and the actually arrive and departure time.

Although flightradar24 cannot track all flights between 2 cities, it provides actual plane (and registration code) used for every flight. Flighttrader24 also provides paid apps for Android, iOS, Mac, windows phone and Windows.

Paid user can access more information.


Airports themselves will often have this information. For example: http://www.flydulles.com/iad/arrivals-and-departures
It has a selection to show cities.

On a similar, related note, another portion of the site shows every city with a direct connection.

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