I might have a 7 hour layover in ACY. In which case, I might as well travel over to check out Atlantic City. What is the cheapest mode of transport from ACY to the touristy area in Atlantic City?

The Wikitravel page says that it's uncommon to go from ACY (it being a small airport) to Atlantic City and most travelers go from Philadelphia.

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My suggestion would be the Atlantic City jitney


Current cost is $10 to $15 dollars each way. They also do an in city service for $2.25.

You could also look at the free shuttle to Egg Harbour rail station


Which also connects to a couple of Nj transit bus routes However times are quite limited incomparison to the jitney service

Hope this helps


Rail service to Atlantic City has been suspended until mid 2019 for repairs and upgrades. The Jitney seems to run infrequently, if it is not running on arrival, a taxi at the airport will charge $27 plus $1 each additional passenger from Atlantic City Airport to anywhere in Atlantic City. An Atlantic City taxi will charge the same price for a return to the airport.

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