On Tartu's wikitravel page it states

Direct trains between Tartu and Riga are scheduled to resume after the completion of track construction.

I will be in Riga in 2 weeks and I was hoping to visit Tartu for a day trip. Since wikitravel is not always up to date, I was hoping someone here has any info about the train line Riga - Tartu. When will it be operational? (Or is it already?)


There is a plan to get the higher speed train between Riga and Tartu Russian. Currently though there is a way to use the train to get from Riga to Tartu but it involves 2 different legs: Riga -> Valga and Valga -> Tartu. And from what I can see it's a lot slower then a bus.

  • Both links are dead.
    – Nikolai
    Apr 13 '18 at 11:49

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