I'm 16 and I'll be going to Germany alone from the U.S., but I do not know what I need to enter besides my passport. Because I am underage, do I need any other documents to enter the country? My parents will know that I'm going, and I'll have a place to stay at, arranged in advance. I speak a bit of German as well. I've heard from websites that you need a document of consent from your parents and other websites stating it is recommended to have such a document. Can anyone tell me what I need to have to enter the country?

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    Are you a US citizen ? The IO might ask for documentation but I think it's entirely up to them – blackbird Jul 2 '15 at 22:10

Here's what you need, according to the European Commission's website for travel to Germany

In addition to their own valid travel document (passport or ID card), although not obligatory by law, all minors entering or leaving Germany are advised to carry an authorisation (where possible in the languages of both the home country and the destination country) signed by their parents/legal guardian. The document should show:

  • that the minor has their permission to travel alone
  • the contact details of the parents/legal guardian

Note it says it's not obligatory, so the officer may not even ask you, but I'd say it's still a very good idea to have it on you.

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    The Bundespolizei page also recommends carrying a copy of the parent/guardian's passport data page. – Michael Hampton Jul 3 '15 at 0:32

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