I'm looking to travel from Tokyo to Seoul and have found a number of airlines that fly the route (or similar) and offer reasonable prices. However, these prices do not extend to my desired travel date.

To anyone who knows the market, is it usual to have to wait until a couple of months before the flight to book and get a good deal? In Europe the rule of thumb is that the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket!


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Yes, it is usual, at least in Japan. Note that even in Europe you can't book too early.

Although regular airlines such as JAL and ANA operate on a similar schedule than other international airlines (i.e., tickets go on sale about a year in advance) for international routes, low-cost airlines operate on a tighter schedule. For example, Summer 2015 tickets at Peach went on sale on 9 December 2014, so you couldn't have booked them a year in advance like on regular airlines.

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